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tap*es*try (ta' pes-tri), n

1. a jacquard woven fabric consisting of interlaced colored warp and weft yarns combines to produce an image on the face of the fabric
2. ancient wall decor popular in most castles recently reinvented by an American weaver
3. see TRUE LIGHT TAPESTRIES, offering warm and equiste images ready to hang

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Brief History of Wall Tapestries

Wall Tapestries are a delicate woven wall hanging that portrays a scene or famous artwork. In the Medieval and Renaissance times tapestries made their first appearance in castles or large churches. Initially, the scenes were religious and later depicted historical events. Kings and other nobleman would hire artists to make a wall tapestry of historical battles and other events that were close to their heart. Churches and Castles were generally drafty places and were hard to keep warm in winter. Wall Tapestries ending up serving as insulation to keep them warm.